First Baptist Church Glenarden

The Watkins Park campus for the First Baptist Church of Glenarden is the first phase in a campus relocation effort for a very active church landlocked in a limited urban environment. The FBC Glenarden found themselves with multiple worship services on any Sunday that were so popular that members lined the hallways throughout the church in an effort to gain seating in their very limited existing sanctuary. The church was currently meeting in a converted grocery store building that had been modified and expanded as much as possible to meet the needs of their ministry.


The new 205,000 sf campus offers the church a chance to consolidate the worship attendance into a larger seating venue of 4,000 seating. Though multiple services were still needed, the frequency was well reduced. The new facilities also include locations for children’s education, adequate gathering spaces, circulation, a top-rated broadcast production installation, spacious green rooms, storage, support and a limited, but elegant administration addition. Throughout the campus, multiple connection rooms are provided for pastors meet and greet, fellowship lounges and other multi-purpose needs. 2 drive through drop-offs were provided to handle high capacity loading times along with a very elegant fountain that enhances the exterior views from a busy boulevard. Parking for the facility was provided to handle the heavy volume of vehicles for services. The new relocation has provided ample grounds for the expansion of the Phase I facility to completely locate all ministries on site.




Landover, Maryland


205,000 sf [4,000 seats]


Master Planning


Interior Design