First Baptist Church Tulsa

First Baptist Church Tulsa is filling in the last open area on their downtown city block with a new 65,000 sf children’s building as well as renovating 3 of 6 floors of an existing building they purchased, also on their city block. The project is very unique because the new building will tie into their existing campus on 3 sides, which means that the spaces must flow from one to the other with a seamless transition between the old and the new. The new building with consist of 3 floors of children’s classrooms, assemblies, and both indoor and outdoor playground spaces. The new building will also be used for their Mother’s Day out program during the weekdays. The fourth floor of the new building will be finished out for adult classrooms and large multipurpose assembly spaces. The renovation portion of the project will be furnished out to house adult classrooms and gathering spaces. Another important feature for the church is creating a new “front door” for the campus at the entrance of the children’s building that will be key for visitors who are navigating the campus for the first time as it is the gateway into their existing worship lobby.




Tulsa, Oklahoma


98,176 sf


Strategic Positioning
Master Planning
Interior Design