Lake Pointe Church – Pier 419

The idea of a pier is a natural in this boating environment. But Lake Pointe’s Wes Hartley, media pastor, explains the significance of the 4:19.  Hartley says that youth venue got its’ name from Matthew 4:19:”Follow me and I will make you fishes of men”.

Even though the facility was cost-effectively constructed with tilt-up concrete construction, plain old sheet rock surfaces were passed over for specialized touches that make Pier 4:19 an authentic hang-out for youth.

Geared toward youth activity, the facility also sports hang-out spots such as two 3-on-3 basketball courts, Xbox game stations, two pool tables, a café for soft drinks and snacks, a 1,500 seat auditorium, a wooden deck overlooking a sand volleyball court, and even a skate park for skateboarders.




Rockwall, Texas


45,250 sf [800 seats]



Interior Design

Lobby / Gathering