McGregor Baptist Church – Studio G

The Grace Building (referred to as “Studio G”) is a response to the rapidly growing youth program at McGregor Baptist Church in Fort Myers, Florida.  The church sought to create a place that would be an “alternative to the mall”, open around the clock as a space that would attract youth while providing for all of the desired functions for a growing youth ministry.


The design solution was to provide a contemporary building using a warehouse-type approach that would be visually appealing to the today’s youth while also complimenting the existing campus.  The interior spaces are full of motion such as: changing finishes, colors and textures; floating ceilings; dynamic lighting; music projection systems; and suspended graphic displays.  The program consisted of a multi-purpose assembly space that can also serve as a practice gym, middle school and high school classrooms, administrative offices, a competition gymnasium combined with locker rooms and a weight room, and a lively “hangout” space which includes a café and gaming area. This 52,460 square foot facility serves the needs of both the Church and its private school, Southwest Florida Christian Academy, with a competition gym, locker rooms, and training facilities for athletics.




Fort Myers, Florida


52,000 sf


Master Planning


Interior Design

Interior Hallway