North Pointe Church of Christ

Having worshiped in a school gymnasium for several years, NPCOC sought to establish their permanent home in Sasche. North Pointe began their design process with some good news and some bad news. The good news was that they purchased a site for the new building. The bad news was that the site was behind some restaurants and didn’t have any street frontage. And thus, began the design challenge: how do you give a new church a presence in their new community with no street frontage?


Phase I of their master plan is a contemporary building that will establish a strong identity in a fast-growing community. While the site did not have any frontage on the road it faced, it was visible from the approach about half a mile down the road. The design solution was to use height, and a dynamic exterior design to draw the eye to the church. By using stone, glass, and other materials native to the locale, and a strong soaring vertical design element topped with a cross that was easily visible beyond the restaurants that front the highway, the church design added significant visual interest that caused passersby to slow down and look down the access drive to the church.


As a result of the search for the home, HH Architects incorporated a new 320 seat worship space, lobby, and classrooms in a compact arrangement that utilizes transparency both internally and externally to create a sense of spaciousness and openness. All of the spaces were designed for flexibility and can easily be adopted for other uses in the future as they complete their master plan.




Sasche, Texas


9,600 sf


Strategic Planning

Master Planning


Interior Design