Preston Trail Community Church

Preston Trail’s desire was not necessarily look like a church, but to communicate a sense of community and excitement. Particular attention was given by the design team to the alignment of the interior lobby “main street” was an existing grove of trees at the rear, allowing for a connection between indoor and outdoor space. The community space within the lobby is designed to be hospitable for young families throughout a week with a cafe and play area. Bold colors and materials were used at the entrances to the children’s area to attract the eye and provide anticipation and grandeur to the entrances. The main worship area is designed for flexibility, and eventually will become their dining space in the future.


Preston Trail has been part of the community of Frisco for 10+ years, and is now relocating to their permanent land.  The Masterplan allows for additional growth for a 3,000 seat venue, with the Phase one worship becoming a multi-purpose dining and conference center.  Phase One includes a 1500, raked-seat design which is also used for dining in the lower area.




Frisco, Texas


82,000 sf [3,000 seats]


Strategic Positioning
Master Planning
Interior Design